Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Alexandra Harper Couture Millinery Grazia
Alexandra Harper Couture Millinery Marie Claire

Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Sophie Monk wore a Salita Matthews top with her Stella McCartney legging-boots on the red carpet in LA last month.

Thursday, 6 October 2011


Salita Matthews and Surafina featured in a shoot by Sunday Mail Fashion Editor Kellie Alderman who shot the Queensland finalists of Australia's Next Top Model in designs by our fair state's leading fashion talents.

Check out the behind the scenes action below:

Surafina Eden Print Dress $199 (right)

Salita Matthews Golden Idols Dress $520 

Surafina (right)
Surafina (middle)
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Wednesday, 5 October 2011


The fashion marketing powers that be have instructed me to purchase yellow and I have acquiesced big time. Purchasing a trend like it is going out of fashion (for high-up fashion industry types it probably already has) does not come highly-recommended and considering the eye-watering tendencies of this particular hyper shade of traffic controller citrus, the death knell on completing an outfit with blasts of hyper colour is probably not far off.

I dipped my toe in yellow one fateful Wednesday evening, balancing my laptop on my knees as I half listened to the tellie, innocently buying a yellow patent skinny waist belt from British online store Asos. Harmless enough you might say, but drunk or partially blinded by my hyper-coloured acquisition I awoke the next morn to whip out my credit card and make a Cambridge Satchel Co. shoulder bag in said sunny shade all mine before I had finished my morning coffee.

Here’s some evidence of my yellow infused spending spree

Asos Belt

Cambridge Satchel Co. 11" shoulder bag

And apart from these buys which are en route as we speak, I am also lusting after one Shourouk necklace featuring a bejeweled lime green dove from Jean Brown, a nylon canary shopper bag by Louise Gray (asos again) and an amber snake skin clutch also from asos.

Looking at street style shots outside the shows this month, I’m not alone in my yellow fixation. The collective tonal-mania brings to mind that great Devil Wears Prada moment where Miranda Priestly waxes lyrical about the trickle down timeline of trends from the runway to a high street clearance bin (the scene is actually from a 1950s film of which I can’t for the life of me remember the name).

But no matter, as much as I try to be as sophisticated as the Anna Wintours and Kate Moss’ of this world, I’m counting down the days until my new golden accessories lighten up my life and my wardrobe. Hey at least you won’t lose me in a crowd.

Xx L